About Orders

You can easily place an order to me and the order will be discussed between you and me to come to the best outcome for you.

I aim to provide my services at cheap prices while maintaining quality products.

When an order has been finalized, I will begin working on the product. The only hours that are counted in the order fee is the hours when I'm working on your order.

All final payments are done once you have seen the product in screen captures and have suggested any changes or accepted it. Once the payment has been finalized, you will receive the source code automatically.

For orders above €50 — you must pay a €20 deposit prior to me starting your order. This fee is unrefundable, even if you cancel your order. It is only refundable if I cancel your order due to complications or incidents.

Read your Terms of Service.

Order Price Tables *required

These prices are relative and sometimes your order may be cheaper or expensiver.

JavaScript Web Application

Order Fee* negotiated price
or €10/hr
Same day Delivery +€5/hr
Responsive Design +€5

JavaScript Server Application (Node.JS)

Order Fee* negotiated price
or €5/hr

C# Server Application (.NET Core)

Order Fee* negotiated price
or €10/hr
Same day Delivery +€5/hr

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I submit an order?

I will instantly be alerted of your order and I will as soon as possible review it. I will return to you with any questions or concerns, as well as answer any questions you may have.

During this period, we will also discuss the final prices, as I may suggest a lower price or negotiate your requested price.

What payment methods are there?

All payment methods are powered by PayPal, served safely through PayPal's official website.

You do not need a PayPal account to pay, you can instead opt to pay using a bank account, debit or credit cards.

When do I have to pay?

If your order is estimated to exceed €50.00, you will be asked to pay a €20.00 deposit before your order begins. Once your order has been fulfilled and is ready to be delivered, you will be asked to pay the (rest) of the sum.

Is the deposit refundable?

No, once you have made your deposit, it is unrefundable. Your deposit may only return to you in the case that your order cannot be completed.

Does the deposit cover the sum?

Yes, your deposit will be deducted from the final sum. If your final sum is €50.00, your final price will be €30.00.

When do I get the code?

Once the final payment has been finalized and processed, your code will become available in your order.

How do I know what package I'm looking for?

If you're not really sure of what package you're looking for, open a new order with the Custom Request package. We will discuss your request.

Can I contact you before I order?

You can open a Custom Request order, or refer to the contact form or e-mail at [email protected]!