I am Cake!

I'm a self-taught web- and game developer, 3d modeler, and graphics designer. I code in C# and JavaScript primarily, but also other languages such as C++, CSS, PHP, and Java. I have autism and I reside in Sweden, I'm open for freelancing jobs, and I'm reachable through mail!

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My Projects

Project Cortex A complete rewrite of Habbo Hotel in JavaScript and C#

Project Cortex was originally started in August, 2019 and has seen many restarts through its life time. Project Cortex is a project written from scratch to emulate Habbo Hotel, using HTML5 Canvas' and WebSockets.

Penify An advanced online and free digital editor

Penify is a work-in-progress project, aimed to become an advanced, lightweight, free, open sourced online image editor. Penify uses HTML5 Canvas'.

Advanced Vehicle Sirens 153.18k uses by 7.6k users in May!

Advanced Vehicle Sirens is a modification written in C++ using PluginSDK for GTA: San Andreas. Advanced Vehicle Sirens opens the game up to a wild customization of strobe lights.

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Incredible speed and accuracy in delivery, looking forward to work with you again soon!
Made an order for additions, and both the speed and accuracy still impress me! I HIGHLY recommend working with [Chloe Ohlsson]!

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